Enna, Lombardia castle

Is one of the most important and mazy castles of Sicily. This castle has particularly ancient origins and it is considered one of the most beautiful Sicilian fortresses. It is believed that the castle was the residence of the Sican King.The manor was restored by the Svevian Family, adapted to the needs of King Federico D’Aragona and then abandoned by the Borbone family, which opted for the 18th century’s villas, instead of castle’s austerities (28 thousand square meters wide, with 20 towers built by Normans, at the present time, only 4 towers have remained, one of them, the “Pisana Tower”, was once named by the Arabic “eagles’s tower”).

Enna, Federico’s tower

Built on patronage of Frederick II of Aragon between 1300 and 1306. Consists of a single large room with an octagonal plan. The wall structure is interrupted by stone carved door and three large stone jambs also. The entire architecture conforms to the style of the Sicilian ‘300.

Piazza Armerina, Aragonese castle

(dates from the XIV century). It is massive and it is in good conditions thanks to the various works of reconstructions made to transform it into a prison.

Aidone, Gresti o Pietratagliata castle

Is situated between Aidone and Valguarnera and it was built in the X century inside a marvellous rock. It remains only a “mozzicone” (a wrecked tower).

Pietraperzia, Barresi caste

Also known as “Barresi Castle” is the fruit of the Islamic workers and it was donated to the Barresi family by Federico II. For some centuries it has been used as a prison. Nowadays all the rooms can be visited.

Centuripe, Corradino castle

Was built in the II century and it is a fortress of the Roman Age used by Corrado Capace to defend the town of Centuripe from Svevian.

Leonforte, “U Castiddazzu”

Also called “U Castiddazzu” was used to defend the town from Svevian as well.