Pergusina’s forest

Distance 10 km. This area covers 135 hectares of woodland with plant pine, eucalyptus, cypress, ash, elm and maple trees. Inside, in special enclosures, houses species such as deer and porcupine. It also dominates the mythical Lake Pergusa. From it, climbing along a natural staircase built by nature, you can access the prehistoric caves.

Lakes and dams

The province of Enna is rich in lakes therefore a destination for fishermen and water skiing enthusiasts. These lakes are: Pozzillo Lake, ANCIP and the flooded artificial Sciagnano of Villarosa, as well as the dams Nicoletti and Olivo. Linked to the legendary “Rape of Proserpine,” Lake Pergusa – Distance 10 km – is inspired by its beauty to poets of antiquity. Without emissaries and tributaries, this lake receives water only from run-off rain. When this happens a marvelous biological phenomena occurs as water flushes in and has been called “lake of blood” due to “reddish” tint. This is an important stopover site for wintering and migrating birds. The Lake is comfortably equipped with sports facilities.

Park Ronza

Neighboring the Bed and Breakfast. This Park is managed by the Forestry Corps. From 1950 it was the property of the Restivo family, recently it has became a privileged destination of naturalists. The walks in the woods of eucalyptus and broadleaf one can easily encounter a deer, wild boar and various species of birds. Close to the park you can admire the incredible anthropomorphic stones known as “enchanted stones, a kind of “magic circle” that the popular imagination has given it a curse that features a Sabbath dance. Other areas of natural interest are the woods of Rossomanno and the Querceta of Calascibetta.

Excursions in the hinterland
  • Pietratagliata Castle
  • Rossomanno- Grottascura- Bellia and Pietre Incantate
  • Mineral park Floristella– Grottacalda
  • “Sacred way”, Lombardia Castle and eno-gastronomic exploration
  • Fundrò and the Via dei Mulini
  • Old mines and mountain railways. Assoro
  • Montagna di Marzo and Lago Olivo
  • Monte Capodarso and valle dell’Imera meridionale
  • Visit to Calascibetta known for Necropolis of Realmese and the Byzantine village.